Financial Assistance

Jewish Family Service is a one-stop shop designed to provide a comprehensive system of care for the whole life situation of our clients. JFS is proud to serve all populations in Utah. JFS helps prevent homelessness, feeds the hungry, and lifts up the struggling. We keep people from hitting bottom and falling through the cracks.

Emergency financial assistance funds or loans are available for those facing uncertainty due to a variety of circumstances, such as pending eviction, suspension of utility or telephone services, unexpected medical bills, and refugee resettlement. JFS is proud to partner with generous donors, who make it possible for those who cannot afford or easily access services to receive urgently needed help today. Please call us at 801-746-4334 for more information.

Thank you so much to the following generous donors:

Dr. Herbert & Marianne Katz Health Care Assistance Fund

Walter & Theresa Kieda Self Sufficiency Fund

The Perlman Relief Fund/The Change Reaction

The Refugee Assistance Fund

Joseph & Evelyn Rosenblatt Interest Free Loan

Caregiver Training Fund